For Formulators
  • A. What is the recommended dosage of CurCousin® for effective weight management?

    Response: The recommended dosage is 25mg taken twice daily as a standalone, our studies have shown that BioPerine® can also be added to CurCousin® to improve the absorption and bioavailability. (BioPerine® also aids in weight management by improving thermogenesis, reducing adipogenesis).

  • B. What makes Calebin-A suitable for various dietary supplement formulations and food products in terms of stability?

    Response: CurCousin® offers excellent stability towards pH and temperature. Its compatibility with both supplements and food products makes it a versatile ingredient. CurCousin® can be formulated in a variety of foods, both solid foods as well as Shake and Drink format beverages.

  • C. What kind of support does Sabinsa provide in terms of marketing and formulation guidance for brands interested in incorporating CurCousin®?

    Response: Sabinsa offers comprehensive support, from formulation guidance to marketing collateral. Our team is dedicated to ensuring our partners deliver top-notch products to their consumers.

  • D. Is CurCousin®, a suitable ingredient for sports nutrition?

    Response: Definitely, CurCousin® contains 99% pure calebin-A, it does not contain any steroid or steroidal metabolite, or any WADA listed ingredients.

For Brand Owners
  • A. What is Calebin-A, and what is its primary source?

    Response: Calebin-A is a bioactive compound originally found in Curcuma species. While it occurs in low concentrations naturally, we have developed a 99% pure synthetic version of Calebin-A to ensure potency and effectiveness.

  • B. Is CurCousin® GMO-free, and what are its other clean label attributes?

    Response: Absolutely, CurCousin® is GMO-free. Additionally, it is gluten-free, suitable for vegetarian, and does not contain any artificial additives, upholding the clean label standards.

  • C. How does CurCousin® stand out in the crowded market of weight management ingredients?

    Response: CurCousin®’s unique proposition lies in chemistry and physiological benefits of Calebin-A, ensuring consistent potency. Coupled with its clinical backing and mechanism of restoring harmony in key metabolic biomarkers, it offers unparalleled benefits.

  • D. How can CurCousin® be effectively marketed to consumers emphasizing its benefits over other curcumin derivatives?

    Response: Emphasizing the purity, clinical studies, and the unique mechanism of action that focuses on restoring balance to key metabolic hormones will differentiate CurCousin® from other products.

  • E. How is CurCousin® labelled on a supplement panel?

    Response: CurCousin® can be labelled as CurCousin® (99% Calebin-A)………………25mg.

For Technical and Regulatory Experts
  • A. How does Calebin-A contribute to weight management and metabolic health?

    Response: Calebin-A plays a pivotal role in (a) inhibiting adipogenesis – formation and maturation of new fat cells, thus limiting the capacity to add more fat in body (b) balancing metabolic hormones produced by fat cells, such as leptin and adiponectin, as well as inflammation markers. Imbalances in these biomarkers often occur in overweight individuals, and Calebin-A works to restore harmony. This allows not only to lose extra pounds but also bring the balance back in metabolic hormonal levels, thus overcoming the YO-YO effect of weight loss and maintain healthy weight. (c) reducing or maintaining healthy levels of metabolic inflammation as seen from Hs-CRP levels. (d) Calebin-A supplementation showed improved biomarkers for lipids and blood glucose levels.

  • B. Are there any clinical studies or scientific literature supporting the benefits of Calebin-A for weight management and metabolic health?

    Response: Yes, CurCousin®’s Calebin-A has undergone two clinical trials, which validate its benefits in weight management and metabolic health. Both studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

  • C. What regulatory approvals does CurCousin® hold for the dietary supplement and food industries?

    Response: CurCousin® has been self-affirmed as GRAS, making it compliant for use not only in dietary supplements but also in food products in major markets. CurCousin® is gaining popularity as a magistral market ingredient, available in Pharmacies in LATAM for its rigorous science and good clinical standing.

  • D. Are there any known interactions or side effects when using CurCousin® in conjunction with other ingredients or medications?

    Response: There are no reported adverse interactions with other ingredients. Our clinical studies show that this product can be safely taken at the recommended dosage without any adverse effect. CurCousin® also is free from any short- or long-term side effects of stimulants. It is a non-stimulant!

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